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[Sticky] Welcome to BAC-chat

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Just a quick note to say hi from us at BAC-chat.

Although BAC-chat is essentially about the live stream discussion, there's always more to talk about so here's a platform to do just that.  Would be great to hear opinions from a broad spectrum of people in the industry from apprentices to CEO's, manufacturers to designers, installers to software engineers.

I can't imagine this is the sort of place for mud-slinging but please remember to be respectful of others' opinions in discussions.

If you have any feedback on the site or the YouTube channel please let us know.  We really want to make it relevant.

All the best.

Andy Camsell

Posted : 09/01/2021 10:10 pm
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Thanks, Andy

Pleased to meet you.....

Pat Boyce (ci-bms)

Posted : 22/01/2021 2:40 pm
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Hi Andy,

Looking forward to enjoying the live streams!



Posted : 03/03/2021 11:42 am