That Awkward First Post

That awkward first post….. No content, just a promise of great things to come.

My name is Andy Camsell and, for my sins, I’ve been working in the building services industry for the best part of thirty five years at the time of writing. I started off as a fitter and have worked through a number of “career discovery paths” to lead me to my current role as owner and technical director of a BeMS system integrator. I am also a trainer and have spent the last four years not only presenting the Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) training modules but have also taken an active role in helping to modify them to suit the ever-changing needs of the Building Energy Management System industry.

One thing that strikes me as being absent from our industry is a common platform for the exchange of ideas and peer to peer technical help, regardless of what flavour of controls you’re using. So I made one and here it is.

If you want to be poncy about it you could say it’s an evolving, fluid piece of work but in reality, it’s been knocked up in my spare time so I apologise it’s a bit rough around the edges. It’s designed to go hand-in hand with a new YouTube channel which I’m hoping will address another small void in our industry, a lack of regular industry comment with the opportunity for everyone to join the conversation. It also gives me something ongoing to do with all the video publishing software and hardware I have acquired during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hope you can find the time to sign-up for the discussion boards and I sincerely hope that someone, somewhere finds this site useful.

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